Will Smith wins Human Rights Award

Tasmanian Will Smith has been awarded a Human Rights Week Award for 2020 for acts of kindness and compassion. The awards took place at a special reception at the Premier’s Reception Room on 10 December 2020 at 3:00pm.

It can certainly be said that globally and nationally 2020 has been a kaleidoscope of extraordinary and disconcerting events. Over recent times Australia had its share of devastation, anguish and grief produced by drought, bushfires and floods. Then, before we had time to draw breath we were caught up in the unexpected, unpredictable and unprecedented impacts of a pandemic. Throughout the year we have seen the very best of human behaviour and we have seen the worst. There is little doubt that the emotional and financial heartache and loss that comes with turbulent times can be softened through acts of kindness and compassion.

Accordingly, Equal Opportunity Tasmania determined that this year’s Human Rights Week Awards should be presented to Tasmanians who demonstrated acts of kindness and compassion towards fellow Tasmanians. The reality is that if more people acted with kindness and compassion towards others the need for organisations like Equal Opportunity Tasmania would be greatly diminished.

Virtues such as kindness breeds respect. When respectful attitudes and behaviours prevail there is no room for discrimination.

The Attorney General, the Honourable Elise Archer MP will, together with the Judges, presided over the award presentations. Will Smith was not in attendance at the awards due to work commitments, however, was represented by Inspector Steve Jones from Tasmania Police.

In the same week Will has been awarded the 2020 University of Tasmania Young Alumni Award. Will is known for his work as the CEO and Founder of JCP Empowering Youth, his on-going career with Tasmania Police and his work as a social justice advocate in Tasmania.

The Awards recipients are recognised for making a positive difference in the Tasmanian community.



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