Beast Program

A program for at-risk and vulnerable young people. Building leaders out of the kids society has forgotten. 

The BEAST Program

JCP Youth delivers high impact youth programs to young people who are at-risk or vulnerable in our community. Their aim is to build leaders out of the youth society has forgotten.


The ‘BEAST Program’ is a positive mentorship program for young people aged 11-17 years. The program is inclusive of a number of overnight camps, activity days, mentor sessions, daily contact and community engagement.

The BEAST Program provides an opportunity for young people to learn about leadership, motivation and self-belief while giving them an opportunity to positively influence the world around them.

The program is designed for at-risk and vulnerable young people who have the potential to be leaders within their own communities. The program aims to work with these young people in their environments and build on their life skills and their potential to be happy, healthy and positive members of their community.

Program Length

There are three stages to the program. Upon completion from the three stages a young person will graduate. The length of the program is based on how quickly a participant will work through the content.

Stepping Up

Physical and mental challenges that empower young people to engage with their leadership, motivation and self-belief capabilities.

Stepping Back

An opportunity for young people to learn about themselves and others around them, giving back to the community and building their leadership capabilities.

Stepping Forward

Experiences for young people to utilise their learnt skills in their everyday environment. An inspiring stage aimed at building the best version of a young person’s potential.

Program Location

The BEAST Leadership Mentor Program is facilitated in Tasmania.

Participants who successfully complete all three stages of the BEAST Program will be invited to a graduation ceremony. Participants who graduate from the program will be recognised as an official youth leader in Tasmania. Youth leaders are invited to contribute to the work of JCP Youth for a period of 12 months as a youth leader. This opportunity will allow them to develop life skills and gain valuable experience over a 12 month period (and possibly beyond).

BEAST Referrals

The BEAST Program targets ‘at-risk’ youth who have identified leadership capabilities. These young people may be in need of preventative measures to assist in engaging in positive curricular and community activities. The program aims to positively influence an individual’s educational attendance rates, motivational levels, reduction of youth offending and an opportunity to have fun and connect with an active role model.


Once an application is received by JCP Youth, it is processed and considered by staff. The referrer will receive notification in writing if the participant is invited to an introduction session. Following this session, the referrer will receive notification in writing if the participant has been acceptance into the program.
“An at-risk youth is one who is less likely to transition into adulthood successfully. A youth who can be considered ‘not at-risk’ can be defined as having the ability to avoid youth offending, achieve academic success and become financially independent. A youth can also be considered at-risk if they are disconnected from society and struggle integrating in new environments and/or maintaining relationships”

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