Beast Program

A responsive, outreach, mentorship program for at-risk and vulnerable young people from Tasmania. 

The BEAST Program

JCP Youth delivers high impact youth interventions to young people who are at-risk or vulnerable in our community. 


The ‘BEAST Program’ is a responsive, outreach, mentorship program for young people aged 11-17 years. The program offers 24/7 outreach support to participants and includes a number of overnight camps, activity days, mentor sessions, regular contact and community engagement.

The BEAST Program provides an opportunity for young people to learn about leadership, motivation and self-belief while giving them an opportunity to positively influence the world around them.

The program is designed for at-risk and vulnerable young people who have a willingness to engage in more positive behaviours. The program works with participants to build on their life skills and their potential to be happy, healthy and positive members of their community.


The program targets referrals of young people who are at risk of entering the youth justice system. Referrals are only accepted from Tasmanian residents 

(Mainland + Overseas referrals see: BEAST ASCENT).  

Program Inclusion

• Intensive Mentorship, Programming and Engagement

• Case Management

• 24/7 Advice and Emergency Response

• Emergency Respite Accommodation

• Outdoor Recreational Programs and Camps

• Opportunity for Interstate Engagements and Programming

• Content Delivery

Facilitators that service the BEAST Program also engage in youth response programs such as (PIT) Proactive Intervention Teams and (ST) Street Teams. Young people who have already engaged in these programs should put this information in their referral. This may fast track the application process.    

Program Length

The program period is for 12 months. Participants can elect to remain engaged in the program upon request and approval.

Program Location

The BEAST Mentorship Program is ONLY facilitated in Tasmania. The central ‘Safe House’ for JCP is located in Launceston. It is common for participants to spend considerable time travelling the state with facilitators to engage in regular programming or accessing the program services. 



24/7 Youth Response Vehicles are positioned in Launceston, Hobart and Devonport.  


BEAST Referrals

The program aims to positively influence an individual’s educational attendance rates, motivation, reduction of youth offending and an opportunity to have fun and connect with an active role model. 

Priority referrals are given to young people who:

• School refusal or complete disengagement from education

• Exposure to extreme trauma

• Multiple placement breakdowns

• Difficult to engage in the community

• Extreme behaviours including significant risk taking and anti-social behaviours


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