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Intense personal development programs for young people.

JCP Youth Development Camps

Through the delivery of leadership content, along with physical and mental challenges our camps aim to inspire and empower young people aged 11-17 to create focus in their life, connect with core values, learn to take responsibility of their actions/ behaviours and start to positively contribute to their own lives and the wider community. The program is for individuals who want to explore their full potential. The program aims to build on life skills and an individual’s potential to be happy, healthy and positive people with high levels of motivation. Each participant is immersed in an environment well out of their comfort zone, around inspirational facilitators sourced from across the country.

These camps will challenge each participant both physically and mentally. This program is the top youth development program of its kind and is open to young people of all backgrounds, physical abilities and genders. This is the BEST personal development program for young people in the country.


Development Camps have been developed by Will Smith. Will is a youth leadership expert, coach and speaker. He is a former Tactical Operator in the Special Operations Group (Tasmania Police) and is now the Director of JCP Youth. Will has been recognised in the Australian of the Year Awards and is known for his decade long youth work, developing, implementing and connecting innovative programs in Australia and around the world. Will is a nationally awarded role model that has been recognised for his leadership contribution to the Australian Community. He draws experiences from the red carpet of Hollywood, to working in the war-torn streets of an active red-zone in the Middle East.

Will partners with a collaboration of inspiring and motivational facilitators who run each Development Camp. These three-day experiences are aimed to be the most inspiring and empowering experience provided to a young person. 

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Intense personal development programs for young people.

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