Youth Empowerment Programs

 JCP Youth is a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation dedicated to empowering and uplifting young people facing challenges in our community. JCP Youth is at the forefront of providing crucial support and mentorship to those who need it most.

Youth Engagement

“Empowering young people to be the best version of themselves”

BEAST Program

The BEAST Program is a responsive mentoring program for at-risk and vulnerable young people. It is the core work of JCP Youth.


JCP Youth deliver high impact seminars and programs for Businesses, Sporting Groups, Schools & Events. The seminars provide funding for our work with at-risk and vulnerable young people.

Meet Will Smith:
Founder and Executive Director

Known as Australia’s top Youth Leadership and Mindset Coach. Will grew up in a shed. No electricity, running water or flushing toilet. He has worked as a tactical operator in the Special Operations Group. He is known for developing, implementing and connecting innovative youth programs in Australia and around the world. Will is at the forefront of personal development for at-risk and vulnerable young people. He has received a Human Rights Award for his work in the Middle East and has been recognised in the Australian of the Year Awards for his programs in Australia. Outside JCP Youth, Will is a highly sought after speaker due to his leadership and mindset developed training. 

Our Belief Systems


It is important for everyone to believe that they can have an impact.

Our programs aim to empower young people to build on their own values and self-belief system.

Our programs deliver impactful messages that empower young people to create a positive change in their life and other lives around them.

Energy Learning

Energy Learning is the difference that sets all JCP programs apart.

Young people thrive on engagement and energy and we deliver it to the highest standard.

Learning is taught through interactive sessions that offer young people an opportunity to step up and out of their comfort zones. In all programs, we aim to leave a lasting message on all participants.

Inspiring Leadership

Everybody has leadership potential. We are all meant to shine.

Our team of leadership facilitators offer a unique look into the lives of ordinary people, living extraordinary lives.

We believe that all programs must challenge our young people to embrace their leadership potential and develop it, each and every day.

BEAST Program

The BEAST Program is unique and sits at the forefront of youth reform. It provides an opportunity for at-risk and vulnerable young people to engage in sustainable and intensive mentorship that has shown the best reform outcomes in the country. Achieved through proactive response, programming and additional supports to participants who are often looking to become a better version of who they can be! 


Everyone loves help, including us!

BEAST Program Referral

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