Corporate and School Programs

High impact seminars and programs for organisations & schools that are turning ORDINARY people into EXTRAORDINARY leaders

Every seminar we deliver provides funding for our work with at-risk and vulnerable young people. THANK YOU!

Corporate Programs


workshops/ guest speakers/ outdoor recreation 

JCP programs include workshops, guest speakers and outdoor recreation days. Join the growing number of corporate groups, professional sporting teams and high impact events that are using JCP as a means of offering the best content in our country.  

Whether it is for a corporate or professional team, our corporate programs are powerful initiators for change. Motivate your team through personal and social capabilities, inspiring them toward growth in their professional and personal lives. Workshops are interactive and engaging. They are intense, real, and raw. The content is derived from real life experiences and challenge each attendee to create meaningful change and build positive relationships. 

When you book a corporate program with JCP Youth, you are helping us fund a program that changes the lives of at-risk and vulnerable young people in our community. Each corporate program or workshop is designed for high impact. Our programs are recognised nationally. 


Contact us and let’s tailor a program that will impact your team the most!

School Programs


primary/secondary school

Full and half day seminars along with workshops, guest speaking and motivational talks. Seminars are focused on building the personal and social capabilities of young people. 

Our seminars are tailored for both primary & secondary schools with a focus on resilience, leadership and empowering students to be the best version of themselves.  Students engage in a series of powerful and engaging activities that have a focus on building social and personal capabilities and behaviours. Students have an opportunity to learn about their own leadership potential and how to implement positive engagement activities into their everyday life. Our seminars have underlying focuses on resilience and relationship building among peers.

Content is adapted & made relevant to each student year group. Content is delivered in an interactive and engaging manner. Whether you need a guest speaker of a full/ half day program, every seminar is unique to Australia and is commonly referred to as the most impactful youth program facilitated in the country.

 Let’s collaborate on a program that will impact your students the most.


Corporate Seminars

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School Seminars

Level up your school with our specialised seminars.

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