Sally’s Ride 2020

Sally’s Ride will give Tasmanians a chance to dust off their cycling gear and get involved with the community, raising money for youth struggling with mental health.

Sally’s Ride chairman Chris Griffin said the event was about getting the community to be more active and in doing so, raising money for youth suicide prevention.

“It shows how you can enjoy the city, get out and be healthy, but also be raising money for a good cause,” he said.

Mr Griffin said although the event will differ this year with pandemic restrictions, cyclists will still have the opportunity to ride for a good cause.

The event will include a variety of different cycling lengths to cater to each individual and their experience level, offering the classic Sally’s Ride experience as well as rides exploring the Launceston area.

This year, the funds raised from the ride will go to Beast, a program supported by JCP Empowering Youth.

Founder and CEO of JCP Empowering Youth and the president of Beast Will Smith said they were appreciative to be selected as the recipient of the funds as the work they do promotes positive mental health while pushing youth to become leaders.

“Following COVID, the young people that we interact with and young people that we are connected with across the state are going through a really difficult period of time,” he said.

“We should understand that young people make up 25 per cent of our community at the moment but 100 per cent of the future so it’s all our responsibility to invest in them.”

Mr Smith said Sally’s Ride will be a great way to show action, whether that is through riding, donating, or doing your part in everyday life to brighten someone’s day.

“I think the riders do such an amazing job in being able to contribute to the event through their actions, but it’s a show to the community that we all have a role, and we all have an opportunity, to influence and impact young people in our community,” he said.

The event, hosted by the Rotary Club of Central Launceston, has been expanded to include the Tamar Valley Cycling Challenge on November 29.

If you or someone you know is in need of support contact Lifeline: 13 11 14.



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