Program to give back to region with Acts of Kindness

Those going about their day across the state’s North in the coming days could be treated to a surprising act of kindness

From Saturday to Monday, six young men from JCP Empowering Youth’s BEAST Program will join mental health charity Make Runs Maxi to give back to the region.

Over the course of the three days, the group – aged between 13 and 15 – will travel from the North-West Coast to the North of the state, carrying out random acts of kindness on those going about their daily lives.

Gifts to be handed out include new sporting shoes and $21,000 worth of shopping vouchers.

The activity aims to spread positive mental health throughout the community and create a “pay it forward” effect, and is being undertaken as part of the three-month JCP Empowering Youth program.

Three of the group are young people from refugee backgrounds, who have now been living in Australia for the past 12 months.

Ahmed Omer, Mickey Imran and Obsa Shafee started the Giving Back program in July in an effort to return their gratitude and appreciation to the community.

“So this program is a continuation of our BEAST program,” said JCP director Will Smith. “We have a number of base participants that come through JCP and they have to go through three stages.”

“This stage is the second stage of the three month program, where the participants are encouraged to give back to the communities around them in an effort to step back and appreciate our life here in Australia.”

“But also an opportunity to learn and gain a greater understanding of giving back and appreciation and respect for our community.”

Mr Smith said there are six participants in each level of the BEAST program, with each level running over a period of about six weeks.

He added that the Make Runs Maxi team had been brought in to help the youth share the message about positive mental health.

“[But] it’s a concept developed for the boys,” Mr Smith said. “Although it fits in with the program that we run, the boys have developed the concept as their own initiative.”



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