JCP Youth Council

The JCP Youth Council is going live! We have developed the ‘JCP Youth Council’ as an avenue to represent our youth leaders across Tasmania. We congratulate Josh Prichard who has been elected the President of the Youth Council and will lead our young people through an online learning platform along with monthly meetings. The purpose of the Youth Council is to offer a developmental process for our youth to further develop their leadership and motivational ability. It will also offer an opportunity for our young people to make a positive impact on our community.

The JCP Youth Council is the first of it’s kind – representing young people from diverse backgrounds.

Young people can apply for the council via email:

Positions as a Mentor for young people are also available on the council. Expressions of Interest to mentor a young person through the youth council can also be sent via email to:



Everyone loves help, including us!

BEAST Program Referral

If you would like more information on our BEAST Program or would like to refer a young person please complete the referral form below.