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Empowering ordinary students to become extraordinary leaders.

Creating Change

Creating Change empowers students to look at their own lives and reflect on how they can impact themselves, their school and the wider community in positive ways.
Through a number of energetic and exciting activities that build strong relationships and positive group dynamics, students will explore the values of leadership, motivation and self belief. Students will learn that every person has the ability to be a leader and they will discover a way to use their strengths and abilities to create a positive difference in the world. Students will be empowered break down barriers, set goals and begin the journey to becoming a positive leader in the world.


BEAST Leadership is all about building positive leaders for every school.
All students will learn that they can impact the school environment in a ‘BEAST’ way during their final years of college. This program shows that you do not need to hold a leadership position in the school to have a genuine impact. The college cohort will learn that by working together – anything becomes possible! Through the important values of leadership, motivation and self-belief – all students will leave this seminar with a passion for success and a drive toward achievement.

The Choice is Yours

Risk Taking for Youth
Students are taken on a journey through positive and negative risk taking behaviours and the effect it can have on themselves and those around them. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to hear from a youth offender guest speaker and covers topics such as peer pressure, behaviour management and internet safety. Content is relevant to each student year group. Content is delivered in an interactive and engaging manner. This program is unique to Australia and is the most impactful program facilitated in the country.

Create Your Own Impact

Would you like JCP Youth at your school? We develop and deliver content to fit any pain, point or problem that your school or community wants to address. We provide workshops, outdoor recreation programs, key note speakers, camps and facilitate events. We can create a program to work for you!

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Secondary Seminars

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