Schools Program

Transition Seminar


  • Years 7 

  • Up to 300 students

  • Full Day Program

  • Half Day Program Option

How to ‘Step Up’ in a New Environment

Students’ wellbeing and learning must be maintained as they transition from primary to secondary schools. This seminar provides students a focus on the social, emotional and physiological changes that can negatively impact on their learning. The seminar aims to make positive adjustments to their new school. A large focus is held on leadership and how the role they held in primary school can be carried over to high school.

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Primary School – Leadership Seminar


  • Years 5 and 6

  • Up to 300 students

  • Full Day Program

  • Follow-up Classroom Facilitation Sessions

Learning to live like a ‘BEAST’

A full day seminar which empowers and inspires students to be the best version of themselves. Students learn about the term ‘BEAST’ in a series of fun, energetic and engaging activities that have a focus on Leadership, Teamwork and School Spirit. Students have an opportunity to learn about their own leadership potential and how to implement positive engagement activities into their everyday life. This seminar also has underlying focuses on resilience and relationship building among peers.

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‘The Choice is Yours’ Seminar

  • Years 7 – 12

  • Up to 300 students

  • Full Day Program

  • Half Day Version Available

Risk Taking for Youth

Students are taken on a journey through positive and negative risk taking behaviours and the effect it can have on themselves and those around them. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to hear from a youth offender guest speaker and covers topics such as peer pressure, behaviour management and internet safety. Content is relevant to each student year group. Content is delivered in an interactive and engaging manner. This program is unique to Australia and is the most impactful program facilitated in the country.

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Secondary School – Leadership Seminars



  • Years 7 to 10

  • Up to 300 students

  • Full Day Program

Creating Change empowers students to look at their own lives and reflect on how they can impact themselves, their school and the wider community in positive ways.

Through a number of energetic and exciting activities that build strong relationships and positive group dynamics, students will explore the values of leadership, motivation and self belief.  Students will learn that every person has the ability to be a leader and they will discover a way to use their strengths and abilities to create a positive difference in the world. Students will be empowered break down barriers, set goals and begin the journey to becoming a positive leader in the world.

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BEAST Leadership

  • Years 11 and 12

  • Up to 300 students

  • Full Day Program

BEAST Leadership is all about building positive leaders for every school.

All students will learn that they can impact the school environment in a ‘BEAST’ way during their final years of college. This program shows that you do not need to hold a leadership position in the school to have a genuine impact. The college cohort will learn that by working together – anything becomes possible! Through the important values of leadership, motivation and self-belief – all students will leave this seminar with a passion for success and a drive toward achievement.

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  • Aimed at student leadership groups

  • Up to 50 students

  • 1, 2 and 3 day versions

JUST NOW is a program that can cater for any school or community leadership group.

The program is designed to be delivered over a one day, two day or three-day period. The two and three-day version of the program are best facilitated on a camp (which can also be arranged through JCP Youth) or the program can be delivered on an already pre-existing camp. This program is a high impact experience designed to empower positive energy and inspiration into the school leadership group. Using our core values at JCP Youth we deliver an extraordinary leadership education and personal development experience, from which every student is guaranteed to take away positive messages that empower them on their leadership journey.

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  • 100 % of students said they have learnt something about Leadership following our seminars

  • 100% of students have said they want to create positive change following our seminars

  • 99.2% of students said they have learnt something about motivation following our seminars

“Best guest speakers ever! I will live that in every way shape and form”

“I loved you guys, you were amazing. You have changed my life!”

“You were absolute lads. I’ve learnt so much, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s changing lives”

“I am going to do the 3 impacting actions everyday and act on my goals NOW”

“It was a great day and I learnt a lot about leadership and motivation”

“Thank you for coming to our school, I’ve learnt lots”

“Great Job! I’ve learnt about skills we would have never learnt at school”

“You guys have inspired me so much it’s like you knew how to connect with us. Thank you so much”

“This seminar was amazing. I learnt a lot about leadership and other subjects. I have been inspired to be the best I can be”

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