BEAST Camps are an opportunity for young people to develop as a positive member of their family and community.

BEAST provides an opportunity for young people to learn about leadership, motivation and self-belief while giving them an opportunity to positively influence the world around them.

There are three seperate BEAST Camps available for young people

Stepping Up

3-day camp that aims to physically and mentally challenge young people toward releasing their leadership, motivation and self-belief capabilities.

Stepping Back

3-day camp that provides an opportunity for young people to learn about themselves and others around them, giving back to the community and building their leadership capabilities.

Stepping Forward

3-day camp providing an experience for young people to utilise their learnt skills in their everyday environment. An inspiring camp aimed at building the best version of a young person’s potential.

“It is the preferred option for young people to attend all three camps. BEAST Camps are split over a three-month period, allowing for prolonged contact with young people to hold them accountable for their learnings on each camp.”

 Invest in your young people by providing them an opportunity to learn from our states most inspiring leaders.

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BEAST Program

The BEAST Program is a three-month intensive mentorship program that aims to build the leadership capacity of ‘at-risk’ young people by engaging them in curricular and non-curricular activities that are community minded.

The BEAST Program targets ‘at-risk’ youth who are in need of preventative measures to assist in engaging in positive curricular and community activities. The program aims to positively influence an individual’s educational attendance rates, motivational levels, reduction of youth offending and an opportunity to have fun and connect with an active role model. The program initially engages youth in their own residences and develops to create a connection for them in both urban and rural areas across Tasmania.

If you would like more information on our BEAST Program or would like to refer a young person to the BEAST Program, please click below to download the PDF’s.

BEAST Program Outline
BEAST Participant Referral Form