Six Week Residential Reform Program in the Tasmanian Wilderness

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BEAST Ascent is a six-week, residential program for young people, set in the Tasmanian Wilderness. The transformative and intensive residential program is designed to empower and support young individuals aged 11 to 17 years old. BEAST ASCENT focuses on building personal growth, reforming behaviours, building leadership capabilities, engaging in community service, and intensive mentoring.


Set in the Tasmanian Wilderness, participants spend six weeks travelling across Tasmania, engaging in a range of physically and mentally challenging activities that are developed to enhance their social and personal capabilities. This unique program is at the forefront of providing crucial support and mentorship to those who need it most. Over years of delivery, participants recall this program as the most memorable experience of their life, pushing them to their limits, while creating the necessary change they needed.


The program is open to all young people aged 11-17 years, however, referrals are prioritised  from young people who are at risk of entering the youth justice system. 

Program Features

  1. Six-Week Residential Experience: Participants “live in” for the entire six-week program, creating a unique environment for personal development and change. This immersive experience sets the stage for profound transformation. The residential aspect of the program varies in accommodation as the participants travel the state. From the ‘main stay’ in rugged wilderness, to mountain huts, camping tents, adventure properties and comfortable accommodation.
  2. Group Size: BEAST Ascent accepts only a small number of referrals on each intake. The entire program is completed as a group; however, participants are split into two small groups to complete certain aspects of the programming. All programming, from the moment participants wake up until
    they sleep, is completed as a group. There are individual based challenges that participants engage in during the program, that are closely supervised.
  3. Behavioural Reform: The program offers guidance and support for participants looking to make positive changes in their lives, helping them overcome challenges and build a brighter future. JCP Youth is an experienced youth leadership team, dedicated to supporting this critical aspect of personal development.
  4. Leadership Development: BEAST Ascent aims to cultivate leadership capabilities in participants through a structured program and practical experiences. Participants will acquire the skills and confidence to become leaders in their own lives. Participants are challenged by a range of physically and mentally challenging activities that they are coached through daily.
  5. Community Service Projects: Participants engage in meaningful community service projects that allow them to give back to the communities and develop a sense of social responsibility. This program component instils a strong sense of civic duty and empathy.
  6. Outdoor Recreation Programs: Participants have the opportunity to connect with nature and explore Tasmania’s Wilderness while learning valuable life skills. This unique blend of adventure and education fosters resilience and self-reliance. Participants explore some of Tasmania’s most unique destinations whilst engaging in high impact programming.
  7. Daily Programming: JCP Youth run a well-structured program that provides a balance of educational, recreational, and therapeutic activities. This ensures a holistic approach to youth development. Our crafted program ensures a well-rounded experience that promotes personal growth in each
    day. Participants also engage in ‘rest days’ within the six weeks, where they are provided activities that promote fun, reflection, relationship building and recovery. Much of the programming is structured around intense activities, strict routines, and adventure. The daily programming schedule
    is not made available to participants prior to or during the program.
  8. Mentorship: The program offers intensive mentorship from JCP Youth’s team, recognised as experts in youth engagement in Australia. Our dedicated facilitators provide individualised guidance and support to each participant.

2024 Program Dates + Referral

There are three intakes each year for BEAST ASCENT. Intakes are limited in numbers. Please contact our office directly for the information pack and to express interest. BEAST ASCENT is an application process and all participants must be accepted via this process to ensure the program will benefit the young person and their needs:


Contact: Kate Bucknell


Phone: 0456 787 620



March 2024FULL (Closed)

June 2024Limited Positions Available

September 2024Positions Available


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